Wildlife Masterclass by Konsta Punkka

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"This is my ultimate wildlife photography masterclass where I share hidden secrets behind my wildlife and nature photography with the world's leading wildlife photographers."

— Konsta Punkka


5 Adventures

Five ultimate adventure movies take you in the middle of real action and extreme locations worldwide, from the Arctic to the Italian Alps and from urban wildlife to capturing endangered animals.

5 High-Quality eBooks

From each trip, we have an ebook with authentic field notes for you to master the secret tips and tricks used in the most astonishing wildlife photographs in the world.

5 Tutorials

Comprehensive tutorials with in-depth field notes from 5 different locations across the world. Learn to capture amazing wildlife and nature photographs in every condition.


Our Adventures

Take a journey with me and find out how the best photographers and I capture the most epic wildlife and nature portraits in the most authentic and extreme real-life shooting locations across the world. These locations take you from the Arctic to the Italian Alps and from urban wildlife to finding endangered animals.

Italian ApennineMountains and Wildlife

Adventure 1

Italian Apennine Mountains and Wildlife


Take an adventure to the Italian Apennines, a nature lover's paradise, with wildlife species such as the majestical deer, wolves, and chamois up in the mountains.

Master the special techniques of capturing stunning portraits of the most beautiful of European Wildlife.

Urban Foxes at the Abandoned Airport

Adventure 2

Urban Foxes at the Abandoned Airport


The historical abandoned airport has become the beautiful urban home of wildlife from foxes to deer and many that have been adapting to cities.

Learn how to discover endless wildlife photo opportunities in urban surroundings. Discover the hidden beauty of urban habitats surrounding us every day.

Artic & Extreme Wildlife of Lapland

Adventure 3

Artic and Extreme Wildlife of Lapland


Lapland hosts unique and beautiful wildlife, from beautiful mooses to wolves and, of course, reindeer. But perhaps the most exotic is the endangered arctic fox.

Meet amazing arctic animals and discover the peace and tranquility of Lappish nature. Learn to master special techniques used in extreme conditions (-28°) and how to capture perfect images of polar lights.

Adventure 4

Autumn and Mystical Mysk Oxes


Majestical mysk oxes in the fjords of Norway can be extremely dangerous, and yet, we want to capture this awesome, majestic, and incredible creature in the middle of autumn foliage.

Snow and Arctic Eagle Island

Adventure 5

Snow and Arctic Eagle Island


This Island of eagles surrounded by the icy sea and snowstorms make for magical, yet challenging surroundings for a photographer to capture that perfect shot.

Explore the icy archipelago and learn how to master special techniques for capturing great images of eagles, especially in the wild!


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