Animal Portraits


A premium photo book with my best ever animal portraits

Konsta Punkka's Animal portraits is a premium photo book that contains Konsta's best-ever wildlife portraits throughout his entire career. For the first time, you can browse through Konsta Punkka's entire collection of his best animal portraits, from squirrels to bears and from eagles to foxes, in a stunning fine art premium photo book. The best animal portraits and landscapes —  all this in a beautiful high-quality premium photo book with a hardcover and handbound luxury cover. 

Secret stories
  • Find out how Konsta captured his most epic animal portraits and take a journey with Konsta Punkka.
  • Learn the secret stories and ideology behind his world-famous animal portraits.
  • All this in a handbound, premium coffee table book. Printed in a high-quality art printing house.

The book is PEFC and FSC certified. The book complies with the highest social and environmental standards on the market.